‘Tis the season in Israel.

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The season where our trees come out of their winter slumber and begin blooming into their new year cycle. The season where the people of Israel dig their hands deep within the fertile soil and place delicate tree roots that will then flourish throughout the land. We dine together on delicious fruits that have proven significant to Israel, such as as grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates.

‘Tis the season of Tu B’shvat.

Meet current Career Israel participant, Ruth.

Ruth is wrapping up her five months as a legal intern at Adam Teva V’Din (Israel Union for Environmental Defense) while a participant on Career Israel. “I have always felt that humans are meant to be stewards of the Earth,” says Ruth. “While in Israel, I’ve felt like an environmentalist missionary: I get people to believe in their responsibilities for the environment, and to take even small actions”.

We all try and do our share, from turning off the lights to throwing our milk cartons in the recycle bin. Yet, what if you could join people like Ruth who planted her roots in the Green Israel revolution? Join those like Ruth, who took the responsibility in to her own hands? Who made a change, while enhancing her career at the same time.

Apply to one of these three internships below and get green with Career Israel.

Promote Solar Energy.
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 Communications – PR – Event Planning | Arava Power Company

Arava Power Company is Israel’s leading solar developer and a pioneer in mid-size and large-size solar fields using photovoltaic technology. Founded in 2006, the company seeks to supply 10% of Israel’s electricity needs through alliances with kibbutzim, Negev Bedouin and other land owners, especially in the south of the country. Apply here.

Encourage Sustainable Development.


Assistant to the Director | The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development

 The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD), accesses the collective wisdom of the world’s religions to promote co-existence, peace, and sustainability through education and activism. ICSD promotes and manifests an inter-religious vision for environmental sustainability by encouraging the cooperation and training of religious leaders, teachers, and others on ecological issues. Apply here.

 Fight for Water.
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Marketing Internship | Zalul Environmental Association of Israel

Zalul an Israeli environmental NGO founded in 1999 with the goal protecting the seas and rivers of Israel through conservation, activism, research, awareness-raising and education. For the past nine years, the organization has been initiating local and national campaigns that target unchallenged municipalities, corporations and the national government on their negligence and destruction of Israel’s most precious resource – water. Apply here.


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