Career Israel February 2013 Information Packet

The entire Career Israel staff is very excited to meet you all in Jerusalem on February 13th! Please read the information packet very carefully and note it is your responsibility to read all emails with relevant information. Please email us at or with any questions.

Thank you,

Tess and Aviva


Flights and arrival to Israel

The program begins on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 in Jerusalem, at Kiryat Moriah located at 3 Ha’askan Street in Armon Hanatziv.

Check in will take place between 1pm until 5pm on February 13th. You must be at Kiryat Moriah before 5pm. If you arrive later you will not be allowed to register. Please try to arrange for a flight that will get you to Israel on the 13th before 1pm to allow yourself enough time to get to Jerusalem.

If you plan to arrive before February 13th, you will need to arrange for accommodation until then independently. There are many hostels and hotels in all cities in which you can find accommodations until the starting date of  the program. If you will be arriving early, please let us know where you will be staying in the interim period and a phone number where you can be reached during that time so that we can contact you if necessary. Likewise it is a good idea to utilize this time to meet with your internship placement; therefore it is important that you notify us of your early arrival. Please make sure to refer to the visa section of this document for further information regarding visas and flights.


Program Payment

Half payment for the program is due on Sunday, December 30, 2012 and your final payment is due on Sunday, January 27, 2013. You can pay in one of the following methods:

1) By credit card on your My Career page.

2) By wire transfer to the following account: Israel Experience – Educational Tourism Services Ltd. Bank Leumi: Main Branch – Jerusalem Account: 901-631700/99, SWIFT number: TID-LUMIILITTLV (Please write “Career Israel program” in the comments section, save a receipt of the transfer and email to confirm this method of payment) If you will be paying by wire transfer please first notify before doing so.

3) By check made out to “The Israel Experience Ltd.” Checks made out to “Career Israel”, “Masa” or any other name will not be accepted.

You will not be able to check in at the orientation if payment has not been made in full by January 27, 2013. Please pay your outstanding balance on time to avoid unpleasantness at the orientation. No exceptions will be made in this policy.

All checks should be mailed to ISRAEL VIA FEDEX WITH A TRACKING NUMBER. MAILING A CHECK INTERNATIONALLY CAN GET EASILY LOST OR STOLEN. If you are receiving a scholarship from an outside source (not Masa) you still must be paid in full and we will refund you if the funds arrive after January 27th. Please note that the Israel mail system is not always reliable so we ask you to inform your scholarship organization to do a wire transfer rather than mail a check. If you can only mail a check it is best to have a tracking number.


Cancellation Fees

If you cancel your participation in the program before February 13thyou will be refunded all payments except the application fee and deposit. If you cancel after February 13th while on the program you will not be refunded any payments.



We would like to remind you of the following deadlines: The deadline for handing in your medical forms signed by a doctor, and filling in your online health declaration, is six weeks after you pay the $300 deposit. The rest of the supplementary documentation such as the letter of recommendation, transcript (can be unofficial), 4 passport sized photos, and half payment are due by Sunday, December 30, 2012. Payment, in full, for the program, is due by Sunday, January 27, 2013.


Masa and Other Paperwork

Those of you who have not yet submitted your Masa application, please do so as soon as possible. It takes time for Masa to process your application, and if you wait until the last minute to submit your request, you may not receive an answer before the program begins. If you have submitted your Masa forms, you should have received notification as to the amount that you have been awarded. Please be aware that until MASA receives the signed last page of your application (which must be processed through Career Israel), they will not process your grant.


If you are arriving from Eastern Europe or Russia you will need to email a copy of your A2 MASA visa in order to receive your MASA scholarship. In order to obtain this visa you need to visit a Israeli consulate in your area.

While Masa determines the amount that you are to receive before you begin the program, the actual transfer of your Masa scholarship funds is contingent on the following:

a. Participation in the entire program (February 13 – July 10, 2013).

b. Participation in all educational activities run by the program.

c. Signing the Masa statement that can be downloaded on the Career Israel


Failure to comply with any of these conditions will result in the loss of your Masa scholarship. In order to ensure your fulfillment of these requirements, you will be required to sign a document which will give Career Israel the right to charge either $3000/$4500 (your Masa grant amount) to your credit card. $300 of that will be used if there are any room damages or violate program policy. We will not charge the card unless you leave the program early or if there are room damages.

If you did not receive a Masa scholarship you will be asked just to put $300 on the form. Likewise, we would like to remind you that your acceptance to the program is conditional on the completion of your full application packet including: a medical form signed and stamped by a physician, a health declaration that you fill out online, e-signing the participant statement, 4 passport photos, a recommendation letter and a copy of your diploma/your college transcript. 


Internship Placements

Please make every effort to be in constant contact with your internship advisor about your internship placement. The internship search process can take time, so it is important not to wait until the last minute. Due to the large number of participants on the upcoming session, internship placements will be filling up quickly and we encourage you to begin the process as soon as possible. After you have a placement, and have spoken with your contact there, we will set up a “face to face” meeting with your placement during the first two weeks of the program. Please remember that your internship will not be finalized until you meet with your employer, so it is critical that you meet during the first two weeks of the program. Your placement coordinator will be in touch with you regarding your meeting. If you will be arriving in Israel before the program, please let your placement coordinator know so that she can arrange for you to meet with your employer before the program starts.


Orientation program

The Career Israel program begins with a 5-day orientation in Jerusalem. The orientation has several purposes: to get to know the other members of the group and the Career Israel staff, to deepen your knowledge of Israeli culture and society and to acquaint you with Israel’s capitol city. The programming during these first few days is somewhat intense, since we try to utilize the time in which the entire group is together.



The Ulpan (Hebrew study program) for the February 2013 session of Career will be taking place in Tel Aviv. Participants whose permanent placement is in Tel Aviv will be able to move into their permanent apartments when the Ulpan begins. Participants who will be living in Jerusalem during the internship segment of the program will be housed in temporary housing in Tel Aviv for the duration of the Ulpan. They will then move to Jerusalem for the second segment of the program. In all of the Career Israel housing (including the temporary housing for the Jerusalem people) there are kitchenettes in which participants can cook their meals, as meals will not be provided during the Ulpan.

Ulpan classes will be conducted daily from 9:30 AM- 2:30 PM. Many levels will be offered in the Ulpan in order to meet the needs of all of the participants, from beginners to those with a strong background in the language. We will be conducting a short exam during the first week that will help us assign you to the appropriate level. It is very important that you attend all Hebrew classes and complete all assignments, as the better your Hebrew is, the more you will get out of your internship. Those who are completely fluent in Hebrew will discuss with the ulpan director other options for Hebrew study. Please email if you are fluent in Hebrew.

We encourage those of you who can to invest time in studying Hebrew even before you begin the program. The more Hebrew you know prior to your arrival, the more you can gain from the Ulpan and the more internship opportunities you will have. Afternoons in the Ulpan segment will be dedicated to lectures, tours, and other supplementary educational programming. There will also be a three-day trip to the South. Though this month is intensive, we find that all of the educational components are integral which is why the programming is mandatory. At the end of the month, the Jerusalem participants will move into their permanent housing. You are scheduled to begin your internships on March 17th. Below is a general program itinerary we will be sending you a more detailed itinerary closer to the program. Please note that Passover will be March 26 – April 1, 2013 and this is a wonderful opportunity for you to experience holidays in Israel.


Educational Programming after the Orientation and Ulpan

During the internship portion of the program (March 17 – July 2, 2013), there will be several tours and seminars, including full weekend programs. See the itinerary in appendix 1 for details on the program. You are required to participate in all activities. There are a total of 6 trips including overnights and day trips. You are allowed to miss only one of these trips. You are required to give your madrich/madricha 7 days notice if you are missing a trip. If you give late notice after the 7 days it will result in a 50 nis fine.

If you are missing a trip because you are sick you are required to present your Madrich/madricha with a doctor’s note. If you are missing because of work you must have your employer send an email to your madrich/madricha and placement coordinator.



The apartments in all locales are furnished with the basics such as beds, closets, essential electrical appliances (though no oven is provided), basic kitchen tools etc. Dishes and very basic cooking utensils (one pot, one pan, a few pieces of silverware etc.) are provided. Bedding. pillows, blankets and towels are not provided, and therefore we suggest that you either bring them with you from home, or prepare to purchase them in Israel. If there are enough participants who keep Kosher, they will be placed in their own apartment. If not, then the participants who keep Kosher will be given Kosher dishes, and their roommates are expected to respect their needs. Laundry and cleaning services are not provided. There are several laundromats within close proximity to the accommodations in both locations. We would like to remind you that in Jerusalem, each participant has his or her own room, and in Tel Aviv you will have either 1, 2 or 3 roommates (see below for further information.) The accommodations are satisfactory, basic, dormitory-style units. Please realize that standards in Israel are different and do not expect them to be similar to your accommodations at home or to a hotel.


Tel Aviv Housing:

The Tel Aviv housing is located at 37 King George St., in the heart of Tel Aviv, walking distance from the beach, Dizengoff Center and many other Tel Aviv attractions. The housing consists of apartments in a dorm-like setting.

Apartments are divided into 2, 3 or 4 person units. Two person units are essentially two people to a studio apartment consisting of one room with its own bathroom and kitchenette. Three person units are larger versions of the two person unit, with three people sharing one large room. Quads (four person units) are two adjoining bedrooms and a common kitchenette and bathroom in between, with two people sleeping in each bedroom. In all cases you will be sharing a room unless you have reserved and paid for a single room.


The units in Tel Aviv are not uniform and vary in size and structure. You will be able to choose the person that you would like to room with, however we will be assigning the rooms randomly by raffle during the Jerusalem orientation. Therefore it is important that you realize that you may be assigned a room that is smaller than the room that other participants are assigned to. The number of windows and the general structure of the apartments also varies from room to room. The larger units are limited, so please prepare yourself to be in a smaller unit and enjoy the amazing location of all of the units, as we will not be able to reassign any rooms after the raffle. The accommodations are basic dormitory style units in a incredible location.


Jerusalem Housing

This housing option is located at the Student Village of the Hebrew University Mt. Scopus Campus. Each participant has his or her own room in a shared apartment that includes a kitchenette and a small common area. It is usually 4-5 people to an apartment. The housing is approximately a 40 minute bus ride from the center of town, with transportation frequently available. Please note that the Jerusalem participants on the program are usually only 20-25% of the group and you may be living in an apartment with participants from different programs. If you will beliving in Jerusalem for the internship segment of the program, you will be placed in temporary housing in Tel Aviv for the first month of the program (for orientation and Ulpan). During this month you will be living in shared rooms, either in the regular Career Israel Tel Aviv housing, or in a close-by hotel.

Independent Housing:

If you do not feel that the Career Israel housing meets your needs, or if you have your own housing in Israel, you can choose not to live in the housing offered by Career Israel. Should you choose to live in your own housing for the entire five months of the program, the cost of the program will be $5525. Should you choose to live in the Career Israel housing for the ulpan segment of the program and then move into your own housing for the internship segment of the program, the cost of the program will be $5900. Please note that if you choose this option you must arrive on your own, on time, to all ulpan studies and educational programming and cover your own transportation costs to and from all activities.

If you will be in independent housing you must notify us via email by Sunday, December 30, 2012If you notify us after that date we cannot guarantee that you will be able to receive the independent housing discount, and you will be required to pay the full amount of the Career Israel program. In addition, if you sign up for independent housing and then change your mind after the December 30th, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide you with Career Israel housing.


Free Weekends and Holidays- Host Families

Most of the weekends in the program are free, as are all of the Jewish holidays that fall during the program. During free weekends you can visit family, tour Israel or just relax in your apartment. As long as you are within Israel proper and have your cell phone on so that we can reach you, you are free to do as you please on the weekend. If you do not have family in Israel who you feel comfortable spending weekends and holidays with, we are happy to arrange a host family for you. Spending time with a host family can be a great way to experience Israeli society. If you are interested in a host family, especially for Passover please let us know as soon as possible, and we will work on finding an appropriate family for you.


A newer policy that has affected some participants is that if you are coming with a round trip ticket, you will need a visa for the duration of your time on the program in advance, or else you will not be allowed on the plane. Therefore we suggest getting a multi-entry visa before coming to Israel.

Asa participant in a Masa program, you are eligible to receive a multi-entry visa for one year from the Israeli consulate in your home country, prior to your arrival in Israel. If you live near an Israeli consulate we encourage you to take advantage of this option and contact the consulate to receive the visa, as it can save you the nuisance of extending your visa while in Israel. If you will be doing this please email so we can send you an official Career Israel acceptance letter to bring with you. You will also need to bring the letter that you received from Masa notifying you that you have been awarded a Masa scholarship when you go to the Israeli consulate, your passport and flight information.

If you do not arrange a visa before arriving to Israel, in most cases you will be issued a three-month tourist visa automatically upon entry into Israel**. Please make sure to ask for a tourist visa and NOT a work visa when entering the country. The Career Israel staff will then assist you in renewing your visa in the middle of the program. You are required to have a passport from your home country that is valid for at least six months, as well as a return ticket to your home country in order to receive the visa. We make every effort to help you in this process; however we have no control over the policies of the Israeli Ministry of Interior. Participants from certain countries (such as the former Soviet Union, South Africa, and certain countries in South America) need to arrange their A2 Masa visas ahead of time in the Israeli embassy in their home country.

If you, or either of your parents, were born in Israel, or lived in Israel in the past, your situation may be different. If this is applicable to you, please contact your local Israeli consulate to confirm there will not be any customs issues for you at the airport. Please also confirm with your airline if it is permissible to enter the country without a visa or a one way ticket. Every airline has different rules and regulations.

** The visas are issued by the Israeli Ministry of Interior. Occasionally they give participants one-month visas rather than the standard 3-month visas. If you are issued a one-month visa, or if you enter Israel more than two weeks before the program starts and need to renew your visa earlier than the other participants, you are responsible for doing so on your own. The Career Israel staff is happy to help guide you through this process, but can not guarantee service as it is not under our jurisdiction.


Living Expenses

As you are aware, the cost of the program is $7400 USD ($4400 after the $3000 Masa scholarship for most). During the Jerusalem orientation and on all trips, you will be living in hostels where you will receive three meals a day, and be provided with everything that you need. During the ulpan and internship segment of the program, you will be living on your own in an apartment.

All apartment expenses such as electricity, water, taxes etc. will be covered by the program. However, you will need to cover the cost of food and your own personal expenses. Again, meals and some additional services (such as cell phones) will not be provided. The amount of money you need to bring with you to the program depends on the lifestyle you lead while in Israel. We suggest that you budget $400-$600 a month for food and personal expenses throughout the program. It is important to remember that Israel is not an inexpensive country, and therefore expenses in general are comparable to those in most Western countries.


Telephone and Internet Access

Since there will be several participants living in each apartment, it would be very difficult to determine the phone bill of each participant and therefore we do not provide landline phone service in the apartments. You are required to have a cell phone while on the program for security reasons and must have a cell phone on the first day of the program during registration. Cell phones can be rented inexpensively through many companies. Many of our participants have rented phones and sim cards through Talk and Save and have been happy with their service; however each participant is free to rent a phone from whatever company he or she chooses. Talk N Save also has sim cards for your Iphones. You can order a phone here –

There is very limited wireless internet access in the Career Israel apartments; however, it is limited access and difficulties do arise often, so please do not count on having access in your apartment. Many of you will have internet access in your internship placements. In addition, Israel is a wireless friendly country with hot spots in many coffee house and central locations.


Medical Insurance

We will arrange for medical insurance for you from February 13th until the end of the program on July 10th. In appendix six you will find some further information regarding the policy. The full policy will be sent to you at a later date for your review

A reminder that the insurance does not cover the following:

– Pre-existing conditions (if you have such a condition, please bring all necessary medications with you from home, and arrange for additional insurance from your home country.

– Psychological or psychiatric treatment.

– Eye care

– Non-emergency dental care.

– Routine check-ups.

– Alcohol or drug related injuries.

– Travel insurance for your flight to Israel.

– Personal property of valuables.

If you will be arriving early in Israel and would like coverage prior to the start date of the program, please let us know and for approximately $2 per day you can receive additional coverage. Please email if interested.

Please remember that if you are currently taking any medication, please make sure to bring with you five months worth of the medicine. You will not be able to ship the medicine to Israel and will not be able to fill a prescription from abroad here. Therefore it is imperative that you come prepared with all the medicine you need.

Program participants

The February session of the Career Israel program includes participants from all over the world including South Africa, Latin America, Australia and the former Soviet Union, North America, and Europe. All participants are university graduates ages 21-30. We are expecting between 90-100 participants in the February session. The participants will be divided into sub-groups of 40-45 participants each. A participant coordinator will be assigned to each group and he/she will be your main point-person throughout your experience in Israel.

If you would like to be placed in a group with a specific friend on the program, please let us know by e-mail at Some of the programming will be common to the entire group, and in some cases the same programming will be conducted at different times for each group.

Packing list and Clothing

A packing list is listed below. We strongly suggest leaving valuables at home or insuring them as our insurance does not cover personal property. Israeli workplaces tend to be very casual. Shorts and sleeveless tops are not usually acceptable, but casual slacks and a shirt are sufficient in almost any workplace. For specific questions regarding the dress code at your internship placement, please contact your placement coordinator. You should also bring comfortable walking shoes, water shoes and a backpack appropriate for hiking and touring. You will be here during a change of seasons so you should bring some clothes for mild/rainy weather and clothes for very hot weather. It can be very cold from February – April in Jerusalem so pack accordingly. See the packing list in Appendix 2 for more suggestions regarding clothing to bring.

Vacations and time off of work

The internship segment of the program is less than four months, and in addition, you will miss work days in order to attend the educational programming. Therefore it is extremely important that you do not take additional time off from your internship. If you miss work due to an illness, please inform both your supervisor and the Career Israel participant coordinator and internship placement coordinator. You are required to work 25-30 hours a week at a minimum.

Leaving the country

Some participants have expressed a desire to leave Israel for a short period during the program. This will be allowed under the following conditions:

a. You must first confirm with your participant coordinator and internship supervisor if the dates are permissible and receive confirmation from the registrar by signing a release form. We will need an email from your supervisor confirming to your vacation dates.

b. You cannot be absent from the program for more than one week.

c. You must make up the work days before you leave or upon your return.

d. You may not miss more than 1 trip (day or overnight).

e. You must make up the work days before you leave or upon your return.

f. You may not travel to any countries for which the Israeli Foreign Ministry has a current security warning.

Failure to comply with these conditions is cause for dismissal from the program.

General Attitude

It is essential that all participants come on the program with a positive attitude, motivation to work at your internship placements and a willingness to be open and flexible. Israel is often run quite differently than your home countries and dealing with an unfamiliar culture can sometimes be frustrating. However, if you come with a willingness to be positive and to take initiative, your experience will be that much better. Your attitude not only reflects upon yourself but the program as a whole, so we ask that you are cognizant of this while at work and on all Career Israel programming. We will also do all that we can to make your experience the best it can be. It is also important that you prepare to be proactive while on the program. The staff is here to give you tools to help you do things on your own, but not everything will be taken care of for you, unlike on Birthright or other short-term programs. While this is sometimes challenging, being proactive and doing things on your own will enhance your experience.

Additional Services

Career Israel will be offering some additional services to its participants. For more information about any of the services offered below please email

a) Continuation Ulpan: For a small additional fee, participants can take ulpan classes throughout the duration of their five month program. Classes are offered twice a week in the evenings in the Career Israel Tel Aviv housing. This is a great way to improve your Hebrew, and is highly recommended!

b) GMAT/GRE Course and Exam: Participants can take the GMAT/GRE course and exam in Israel while on the program! This is a great way to maximize your time in Israel and to prepare for grad school. The course cost is not included in the cost of the program, however it is over $600 less-expensive than any GMAT or GRE prep course in the US.

c) Gym Memberships – Since our Tel Aviv housing is in the best location in the center of Tel Aviv there are many gyms available in the area. During the first few days in Tel Aviv we will take you on a tour of the neighborhood and show you a few of the gyms in the area. We can even get group discounts so make sure to ask your participant coordinator if you are interested in joining a gym.

Facebook Group

A facebook group has been created for the February 2013 session of Career Israel. You can access the group by going to the following link:!/groups/524457577571635/


Career Israel Suggested Packing List

Shirts, shorts, pants, work clothes (nice slacks/skirt and shirt), shower thongs, bathing suit, tons of underwear, socks, walking/hiking shoes, P.J.s, warm clothes (especially for Jerusalem), good winter jacket, raincoat, umbrella, Shabbat/Holiday clothes (nice casual slacks/skirt and shirt), clothes to go out on the town with friends.


“The Basics”

Passport and copy


Sunscreen (much more expensive in Israel)


Small flashlight

Bedding- sheets, blanket, pillow (can be purchased in Israel)

Towels (can be purchased in Israel)


Backpack for weekend trips




Travel alarm clock

Ziplock Bags

Toiletries-Pepto-Bismol, Imodium, pain reliever, cold medicine for convenience. Contacts and deodorant are much more expensive. Otherwise toiletries are easy to find and of good quality. No need to lug unnecessary items even tampons and pads exist there.

Prescription medicine for the full 5 months (including birth control if needed)

as our insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.



Favorite Recipes

Prayer book especially for the high holidays (there are often not enough

Laptop (at your own risk; in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem there are places

throughout the city with hot spots.)

I-Pod, music player

A book or two- participants will end up sharing between one another

Hebrew-English Dictionary though they are cheaper in Israel

Present for host family


-You can bring 1 piece of luggage up to 23 kgs or 50 lbs as well as 2 carry-ons,

So pack accordingly. We will be moving a bit in the beginning- so pack what you are able to carry and transport. Collapsible luggage such as internal frame backpacks and duffle bags work well to store under your bed to save room in your apartments. Though this may seem obvious- you will thank yourself for packing lightly. You can always shop at the local market for clothes and remember to dress accordingly for cold and very hot weather.


Health Insurance Policy

Harel Insurance Company welcomes you and is pleased that you have joined Harel’s large family of insured’s. During your stay in Israel and in the framework of the Israeli Experience educational programs, you will be insured in the framework of Medical Insurance in Israel provided by Harel Insurance Company. Upon the occurrence of a medical event, the insurance policy provides you an exceptionally wide safety net which includes inter alia, covers such as:

Medical expenses during hospitalization in a hospital in Israel.

Physician, expert physician, laboratory tests, imaging service, medications, emergency dental treatment, and more.

However, it is important to note that there are events or occurrences which are not covered by the policy, such as:

A medical condition existing prior to the date of commencement of the insurance, AIDS, periodic examinations, pregnancy, childbirth, infant clinic, use of drugs and/or alcohol, use of firearms, work accidents and/or road accidents, sports activities which are performed outside the framework of the Israeli Experience programs – and sports activities performed without a certified guide and/or during a free Saturday and/or free day and/or in regard to which, all the necessary steps to prevent an unnecessary risk were not taken. In any event, only the full insurance terms detailed in the policy shall bind the insurer.

Insured Card

When wishing to obtain medical services, the Insured Card in your possession containing your personal details, should be presented. This card is personal and non-transferable. All the medical services will be provided by means of the services array included in the arrangement with the insurer.

Extension of the Policy

In the event of your choosing to extend your stay in Israel after the end of the Israeli Experience Program and the insurance period lapses, you are able to approach us or the Israeli Experience in order to extend the policy. Extension of the policy is subject to authorization by the insurance company. For information and assistance in locating medical service providers Harel Center – 24 hours per day 1-800- 414-422

We wish you a pleasurable stay in Israel.

Harel Insurance Company

Tourists in Israel Division


Schedule for Career 14: February 13 – July 10 2013

Dates and Activities Subject to Change


Wednesday- Sunday, February 13-17

Career Israel orientation in Jerusalem


Sunday, February 17

Move to Tel Aviv housing


February 18-March 14

Mornings: Ulpan

Afternoons: Tel Aviv orientation tour, internship prep session, the Arab-Israeli conflict seminar, minorities in Israel seminar, volunteer opportunities, Jaffa tour, Zichron Yaakov tour, hi-tech tour, minorities tour, Israeli politics seminar


Sunday, February 24



Thursday-Shabbat, March 7-9

Negev tour


Friday, March 15

Jerusalem-based participants move to Jerusalem housing


Sunday, March 17

Start internships


Tuesday-Monday, March 26-April 1

Passover break


Thursday, April 4

Yad Vashem – optional


Sunday, April 14

Remembrance seminar


Friday- Saturday, April 26-27, May 3-4

Dialogue seminar in Ein Gedi


Thursday, May 9

Religion and the State Seminar


Thursday, May 30

Haifa day


Sunday, June 9

Sderot and Gaza day


Wednesday-Shabbat, June 26-29

North trip


Tuesday, July 2

Last day of internship


Wednesday – Thursday, July 3-4

Closing seminar


Wednesday, July 10

Program ends


Find Your Perfect Internship

Let us know what interests you. A Career Israel rep will get in touch.