You are eyeing an internship in Israel, one where you receive international work experience, you’re exposed to a new culture, and still further your career. This is pretty much what you’ll get when you become an intern with Career Israel.

An intern, with Career Israel, is a job for native English speakers in Israel, for people between the ages of 22-30 still while still in college or have just graduated. It allows you to personally and professionally grow with hand-on operational tasks and projects. 

An internship candidate will work with a Career Israel Placement Specialist that will help you choose from over 3500 internship options at different companies in different professional fields for a great fit. 

The company you choose will then invite you to be interviewed to verify the mutual interest. If there is one, you will have secured your spot with Career Israel and become one of the top Israel interns for your session.  

The overall work culture in Israel is relaxed. There is no stringent hierarchy and you may work with top executives as well as with your peers. The dress code reflects this environment when most places accept jeans and T-shirts but then again, you will gauge this as you join. 

During your work experience, you will gain international work experience as you engage with the local culture while working with company partners and customers abroad. Aside from the office interactions, you will obtain professional connections and friendships with your fellow interns going through a similar journey as you. 

Through Career Israel, each intern can experience Israel independently and on their own terms. Living independently, you can go out and explore the city, and the whole country, on your own throughout your stay in Israel. The program allows for plenty of free time, so take advantage of it to absorb, enjoy, and learn. 

One of our goals is for you to adapt to a new culture and a new environment and become exposed to new challenges and experiences as you grow during your internship. 

What does the internship program include?

What else? 

To reduce the program costs, Masa Israel Journey scholarships are available for eligible adults between the ages of 22-30. The grants require proof of Judaism and participation in the program for at least 5 months. (Summer program participants are not eligible) .

When are the Career Israel Internship sessions?

This is the time to venture out and do it! An international internship in Israel with Career Israel. Let’s get started.

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