You’ve made a bold move and decided to come to Israel to intern as part of Career Israel. Internships in Israel really have it all – an ideal place to work, perfectly timed as you are transitioning from college to the workforce and this country that has so much to offer!  

The variety of Internships in Israel is great. From start-ups to well-established companies you can really find a perfect fit for you. The application process is not difficult and you are all set to start. Now that your workweek is planned, let’s focus on your time off. Yes, you can chill and take it easy watching the view from your apartment OR you can go out and live it up. How? Good thing you asked.

Here’s Our Recommandations

  1. Beach

Israel’s lengthy shoreline and mild weather lets you hit the beach almost all year-round. The beach is almost synonymous for friend and family gatherings while enjoying the views and warm waters. Tel Aviv has many beaches to choose from (Frishman Beach, Hilton Beach, and Alma Beach for instance). But this is only part of it, there are many other cities along the coast that offer a different vibe and attractions like – Netanya, Ashkelon, Bat Yam, and Haifa. 

The city of Caesarea also has a wonderful beach lined with Roman ruins such as an aqueduct, an amphitheater, and mosaics.

Eilat is another wonderful city with wonderful beaches, though very different from the Mediterranean coast. Eilat’s beach, along the Red Sea, offers amazing snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities and the views of the Jordan Mountains are picture-book perfect.

Lastly, the beaches surrounding the Dead Sea are even more different and unique. These beaches are the lowest in the world. No surfing or snorkeling here, only lying down, floating in the warm water and smearing yourself with mineral-rich mud. The major ones are Kalia Beach, Biankini Beach, Neve Midbar Beach, and Ein Gedi Beach.

  1. Explore

Israel is not a large country but it does possess varied climates and geography. The northern part of Israel is speckled with the Carmel mountain region and Galilee hills, the south hosts the Judean Desert, and the center is home to the Judean hills and the Israel coastal plains. All these create a wonderful backdrop for treks, off-road adventure and camping experiences. Luckily, it’s right outside your doorstep since nothing is really far in Israel. 

A few outdoorsy ideas:

  1. Nightlife

Israel is known around the world for its nightlife. Whether in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa, the scene is lively, varied and ends only at the early morning hours. You can find the crowds at bars, restaurants, concert halls, the beach and along with the streets gathering, eating, drinking, and dancing. A few of the most happening places in Tel Aviv – Bars along Rothschild Street, the Florentin neighborhood (similar to Soho in New York), the Tel Aviv Port with an expansive boardwalk and a multitude of restaurants, and Dizengoff Street.

  1. Sports

Israel is a great place to get out and be active. Both major cities and nature reserves are equipment to allow various sport-related activities. Tel Aviv has great bike routes and almost all of its beaches are great for surfing. The mountains in the north host various climbing and rappelling activities for both professionals and amateurs. Eilat is a great place to windsurf and scuba dive. You see, just name it and we’ve got it…. Well’ maybe not ice climbing, but many many other fields of physical activities and sports. 

During your internship in Israel, you will benefit from the daily workload but also from your after-work adventures.


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