So much has been written about Tel Aviv but what does that have to do with you, Career Israel, and a well-rounded overseas experience?

Let us count the ways.

Career Israel allows its participants to jump start their career during short or long term internship programs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa.

Located along the Mediterranean sea in the center of Israel with vibrant nightlife, bustling mid-day streets, an amazing culinary scene, and a heterogeneous population from all edges of the earth. Unequivocally, Tel Aviv has it all. 

With a population of about 450,000, it is the economic, technology, and cultural center of Israel. What started as a small settlement in 1909 by Eastern European Jews asking to create a clean European-like city, different from other middle eastern towns nearby, has seen immigration during and after both World Wars, governance of different countries, participation in Israel’s War of Independence, growth, urban decline and current rejuvenation. 

What does Tel Aviv have in store:

Cultural Center: Tel Aviv is home to eighteen of Israel’s 35 centers of performing arts. It is home to the Israeli Opera, Israel’s Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Bat Sheva Dance Company. Its major theatres are Cameri, Heichal Hatarbut, Suzanne Dallal House, Tzavta, and Tamuna. Major music concerts are produced at the Yarkon Park, Expo Tel Aviv, Zappa Club, and the Barby. Recently it hosted the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. 

Tel Aviv Nightlife:

Known as the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv thrives on its 24-hour culture. With bars, dance clubs, restaurants, and nightclubs people are active in it from all hours of the night until all hours of the morning. There are certain club hubs – the Port of Tel Aviv welcomes big crows of clubbers, the South of Tel Aviv is for the alternative scene and underground venues, and the Rothschild Boulevard area is for drinking experiences and strolling the streets. 

Tel Aviv Culinary Scene

From world-class restaurants to tiny food carts offering international cuisines and Israeli and middle eastern dishes, Tel Aviv has it covered. Dispersed all around the city – in tiny alleys, old garage spaces, on the 49th floor of Azrieli Center and even in private homes, the inventive minds of Tel Aviv chefs try to outdo each other with creativity, experiences, and flavors. 

Outdoors in Tel Aviv

Israel’s mild, almost year-round weather, makes it obvious people want to spend time outdoors as much as they can. Tel Aviv is no exception and in addition, has made it so attractive for the crowds to enjoy themselves at an abundance of locations dedicated to outdoor activities. Along the Tel Aviv seashore, you can find the Tayelet, an eight-kilometer long walkway with beach access, bike trails, exercise equipment, and lounge areas. On the beaches, there are a handful of surfing schools as well as early morning yoga classes. In Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv’s answer to New York City’s Central Park, there are climbing walls, soccer fields, basketball courts, and a small lake for rowboats. Many cafes and restaurants have outdoor seating and an evening stroll seems like the favorite local pastime activity.

Career Israel:

With all Tel Aviv has to offer, it has also become the center of everything professional, after all, it is part of Israel, aka ‘Start-up Nation’. From banking to hi-tech startups, Biomed centers, and venture capital, this city attracts local and international talent to live and work within its bustling streets. The opportunities are varied and plentiful as you research your next professional possibility for an internship in Israel. 

Put Tel Aviv on your professional, but fun, Career Israel list of possibilities. 


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