Tori Schneebaum with her manager, Kfir Ziv at KZTLV Studios

“When I came back from Birthright this winter, I realized how badly I wanted to return to Israel for the summer. When I started doing research and found Career Israel, I knew it was a perfect fit! After speaking with Shira my internship in israel coordinator, she set me up with my awesome boss Kfir Ziv at KZ Studios in Tel Aviv. I really couldn’t have asked for or imagined a better placement.

Kfir Ziv is the owner and photographer at KZTLV and he knows more about photography and studio management than any teacher and college professor I have ever had. Besides making sure that I am working to my fullest potential, he makes sure that I am learning and always enjoying myself. “Fun, No?” Is his famous question at every shoot we go on. He is always checking to see if I am happy and I think that is a wonderful quality for a boss. At KZTLV I spend a lot of my time editing photos he took on Photoshop and Light room. He has a wide array of state of the art computer programs (Adobe Photoshop CS6 being one of them!) and equipment. I also spend countless hours making sure the studio looks presentable, organizing everything in it so that we never lose track of anything, and assisting on photo shoots. Kfir has not only taught me all the tricks to the trade when it comes to photo shop but he has also taught me how to style photo shoots and handle products with care and to work smart with diligence.

KZTLV might be a lot of work and long days at shoots but I never regret a single second. It’s also fun to work with big name brands! How cool is it to see catalogs, ads, and magazines with Kfir’s work in it and to say you were there while he shot it? I have already made plans to come back to Israel to study abroad, as well as another Career Israel internship the next summer! I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better program or job placement. Thanks Career Israel!!”

Check out Tori’s internship at KZ Studios here!


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