Choosing to come to Israel is a big decision, and we are sure you have big questions. We are here to help!

For fast answers, read through our frequently asked questions!

The Career Israel team is here to personally answer any questions or concerns you have, contact Naama via email NaamaM@israelexperience.org or call us at +1 646-844-2558 ext. 1

Living in Israel

Where exactly is the accommodation and what type of accommodation is it?

We have housing in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem. You can view our accommodations here.


Are we assigned a roommate?

During the first week of orientation, you get to know your fellow participants and you decide who you will live with for your time in Israel.


What happens during the high holidays, like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?

Most of Israel goes on vacation during that time, so you can take the chance to explore Israel on your own or we could always connect you with a family to spend the holidays with. Dorms will be open during the holidays.


What is a typical week like for interns?

Though it may vary for each placement, all participants complete at least 28-35 hours a week and the rest of their time is for them! You can join a gym, volunteer, take classes – it is up to you.


As someone who doesn’t speak Hebrew, will I be able to do valuable work?

All of the businesses and organizations we work with understand they are bringing English speakers on board, which means that all of your tasks will be conducted in English. More importantly- they’re looking for English speakers! You bring your skill set and they work with you from there.


Fees and Expenses

What is the exact cost of the program and what does this cover?

The total cost of the Career Israel 5 month program is $7,650 (including $50 application fee). 

  • If you are 21+ from North America, you are eligible to up to $2,700 Masa scholarship or a needs-based scholarship of $4,500 (available for the 5-month program only).
  • If you are 21+ from other parts of the world, you can apply for a $5,000 needs-based scholarship (available for the 5-month program only).

*The scholarships listed above are for reference purposes only.  The Masa Israel Scholarship department determines the amounts awarded to each participant.  For more information about Masa Israel grants and scholarships.

The total cost of the 2-month program is $2,950 plus the +50 application fee. (Summer cost does not include Hebrew Ulpan)

The total cost includes the housing, health insurance, Hebrew Ulpan, unlimited transportation within your city, a personal internship coordinator and all of the trips and programming.


What is the payment process? Must I pay a deposit to secure my place?

We ask that you pay the nonrefundable application fee of $50 to begin the interview process and the nonrefundable $150 deposit to reserve your spot. Once you pay your $150 deposit your internship coordinator will contact you to begin the internship placement process.


What is the payment deadline?

The half program payment is usually due 8 weeks prior to the start date of the program and the final payment is due 4 weeks prior to the start date of the program.


How much spending money will I need to cover my day-to-day living expenses?

We recommend bringing $300-$600 a month for your personal expenses such as food and cell phone plan.


Do you organize a group health insurance or do I need to arrange my own?

We provide your insurance during the program. You can read more about your health insurance policy here.


Program Details

What are the requirements for my application to the program?

The Career Israel program is open to individuals aged 21-30 that are recognized as Jewish by the local Jewish community or by one of the recognized denominations of Judaism.


How many people usually participate in the program and where are they from?

We usually have about 50 participants from all over the world.


Do the graduates who participate in this program often get offered jobs by the organizations with whom they are interning?

Many participants receive employment opportunities from their internships as well as other companies in Israel due to the experience and connections they gained during their internship.