An internship is a structured work experience that is related to your field of study and career goals as a student. The internship provides an experience that will boost academic performance, career, and personal development. It is an experience that can last anywhere between 2-10 months, and can be part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid. An internship is a mutually agreed upon experience between the student and the company they are interning in. Depending on the field, the experience can be called a co-op or a practicum.

relevant work experience

One of the most common reasons new graduates have difficulties finding employment after completing their studies is due to the lack of relevant work experience in their field. Most people do not know how to get this need experience! They ask, “How can I get experience if no company is willing to hire me?” Well, the answer is simple; you should apply for Israel job vacancies. These internships are here to help you get real-life work experience that will help you land your first job.

To complement academic performance, the best way for students to prepare for the workforce is by making use of an internships in Israel. There are other ways to do this like doing undergraduate research, community service, or becoming a member in pre-professional organizations, or studying abroad but these are less attractive to employers.

Attaining an internship is the best way to learn about your profession. You will be in a setting where professionals in the field will supervise you so you can gain insight on how things actually work and what the best practices are in the industry you chose. You will also have the opportunity to work with experts who may later become your mentors throughout your career.

direct experience in the real world

Participating in an internship in Israel will allow you to be a valuable asset in your future field. An internship will enable you to have direct experience in the real world. It also gives you the ability to harness the knowledge, skills, and theoretical practice you were taught in schools. No matter how many years of college or university you have or how many credits you collected, it does not translate to the working world. You need real-life work experience to be attractive to employers. One sure fact about internships is that, as a young professional entering in the field, you will learn about the companies and industry you are interested in. By doing this you will know if this is where you want your future to be.

It’s important to differentiate yourself from everyone else, try something new, discover new cultures and work environments, and be more internationally appealing. So many people are stuck in the same routine; they go to the same schools, with the same people and land the same types of jobs. However, doing an internship in Israel can change all of that by exposing you to different work cultures, new and interesting people, teach you independence and make you more attractive to the international work force.


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