What is Career Israel? 

Career Israel is a professional internship program for Jewish young adults ages 22-30 looking to advance their careers, receive international work experience, and spend time in Israel living like a local in one of the best cities on the Mediterranean. This internship program adds valuable hands-on experience to your skill set and allows you to stand out in today’s highly competitive market. Are you a college or university graduate, preparing for graduate school, or seeking to switch careers? Career Israel is the perfect fit for you. At Israel Experience, we aim to provide you with a high-quality international experience to help each young adult grow personally and professionally.

Internship Process

Each person chooses from 3,700 different internship options allowing them to find an internship that best fits their professional interests. We work with over 2,000 companies throughout Israel giving our interns the opportunity to explore different options. Israel Experience provides you with an internship coordinator who will connect you with internships that meet your individual interests. The company will then conduct their own interview process and if there is a mutual interest, the internship will be set. Interns have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and build professional and social networks on an international level.


Independent Framework

The Career Israel program offers an independent framework for participants to experience Israel on their own terms and live like a local. Each person has the opportunity to adapt to an entirely different work environment and culture. This exposes participants to a variety of different challenges and unique experiences. Our staff encourages each person to go out and explore the city on their own throughout your time in Israel.

There are three different Career Israel sessions throughout the year. Two 5-month programs starting in August and January, and one 2-month summer program starting in June.

**Due to corona restrictions in Israel, we are unable to run our 2 month internship experience in 2021. If you are interested, you may apply for our 5 month summer internship experience.

Career Israel internship programs include:

Masa Grant Information: 

Masa Israel Journey grants every eligible adult 22-30 a scholarship to reduce the cost of the program, learn more about the eligibility for a Masa Grant. Basic requirements include the participation of 5+ months on a program and proof of Judaism. Summer program participants are not eligible due to the length of the program but there are other scholarship options for the summer program here.

Find Your Perfect Internship

Let us know what interests you. A Career Israel rep will get in touch.