We offer a semester-long professional internship program for young Jewish adults that enhances your skills and helps you stand out in today’s highly competitive job market. The program’s independent framework allows you to experience life in Israel on your own terms. It is a great opportunity for applicants who are entering the job market, preparing for graduate school, or changing careers. Career Israel gives you the opportunity to adapt to a different work environment and culture, exposing you to new challenges and unique experiences.

Semester Internship Program


Career Israel Internships

Career Israel has over 3,700 different internship placement options to choose from. An important aspect of working in Israel is the work environment, which makes interning in Israel so unique. Each participant will grow personally as well as develop professional skills. In most companies, there is no line of superiority and an intern is just as likely to work directly with the CEO or other “higher up” employees as with his peers. This is the perfect way to gain top professional experience and a better understanding of the work environment that is not found in the US or other countries. Working in Israel will expose you to an international network of colleagues in your chosen field and help you gain connections from Israel Experience and Masa alumni. This allows you to immerse yourself with like-minded young professionals and get the most out of your internship in Israel.

By participating in the Career Israel program with Israel Experience, you will be living in the center of Tel Aviv with new friends from all over the world. Career Israel gives you the freedom and independence you need to grow personally and professionally throughout your stay. We want each participant to have the best experience and are here to assist them along the way. Our staff is trained to provide the relevant framework, safety, and security, inside and outside of the workplace and in the city, to ensure that each participant has a positive experience. We encourage each participant to go out on their own and make the most of the program. Career Israel offers a lot of free time and independence – make sure to take advantage of it!

Trips and Tours

Throughout the program, there will be trips and tours around Israel to help immerse you into Israeli culture. These trips will expose you to a variety of subjects and help you get a better understanding of Israeli society. In the opening seminars, you will become familiar with other participants in the program and make new friends. Israel Experience will help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Career Israel with Israel Experience is a program created in partnership with Masa Israel. A Masa grant is offered to young adults between the ages of 21-35. See if you are eligible for a Masa grant and scholarship.

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