Artistic Project Manager

We are a communal studio, located in the center of Jerusalem. mostly, we do videos and commercials, we are also a hub for artists from different disciplines.

Production Assistant at Independent Film Company

Interested in working in a creative and inspiring Independent Film Company? Heymann Brothers Films is an Israeli independent production company specializing in documentary films for cinema and TV. They been operating for over a decade and are mostly involved in long term projects with a social and political orientation, as well as very personal ones. […]

Social Media Webmaster is a theater company using psychotherapy, improvisational theater, and other arts. Psychodrama, Drama therapy, Playback theater, theater of the oppressed and other.

Recruiter and Marketing

Jerusalem Film Workshop puts on workshops for film lovers and film students who want to spend a month in Jerusalem learning about film while being in Israel and also learning about Israel through film.

Sales and Production Assistant

Armoza Formats specializes in developing and marketing Israeli TV formats worldwide. Armoza Formats started out representing some of Israel’s most original and successful formats.Within a few years, through the recognition and success of those formats, the company has rapidly grown to be a key player in the international formats market, and a distributor of global content.

Assistant to Film Festival & Overseas Connection Manager and Internet Research

Go2Films Israeli Films Distribution & Marketing specializes in the distribution, marketing and exhibition of Independent Israeli fiction and Israeli documentary films, as well as International and Jewish films. Founded in 2005, Go2Films focuses on high-quality films that explore the social and multi-cultural aspects of life, focusing on moving stories that resonate for the world-wide audience. Go2Films Israeli […]

Production and Media Assistant

The Enav Cultural Center is a focal point for artistic and cultural activities. It provides a platform for cultural activities and artistic events in order to stimulate and enrich culture in Israel.

Journalism and Photography

FLASH90, Israel’s leading photojournalism agency, was founded in 1990 by Nati Shohat.  With a daily updated website, FLASH90 features more 100 000 archive photos covering news, politics, religion and culture from the entire region of Israel and the Palestinian Territories. FLASH90 employs staff photographers and works with numerous freelance photographers all over Israel, the West […]

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