It turns out Israel has the largest percentage of vegans per capita in the world (about 400,000). This means that this is vegan heaven for tourists, interning students, and locals looking for vegan restaurants while exploring Tel Aviv. Currently, there is an increasing trend of vegan culinary tours in Tel Aviv and even Ben and Jerry’s famous ice cream empire debuted their new vegan flavors – ….. In Israel, a real stamp of approval for all vegan-kind.

So, where can you actually find this ‘vegan experience’ in Tel Aviv?  Pay attention….

  1. Anastasia – A favorite vegan café to eat, mingle and relax. Fresh produce, delicious breakfast and very popular cakes, salads, and dips. A true multi-cultural multi-layered multi-flavor experience.
  2. Café Xoho – It’s not all play and no work. When duty calls, this café caters both the taste buds and the paycheck. Here you can plug in and work or at least pretend to. With delicious homemade vegan food, you can recharge digitally and mentally.
  3. Green Cat (Chatul Yarok) – Pizza. Do we need to say more? Fresh, not too soft, not too crispy, perfect Pizza. An upbeat, vibrant place to hang out and savor this comfort food.
  4. 24 Rupee – This is the ultimate student place, or actually the ultimate place for students yearning to get away for a bit. This Indian restaurant lets you pretend you just traveled to India on your lunch break. From the Thalis, small trays that contain dishes of rice, vegetable stew, lentils and bread to a ‘no shoe’ policy and of course you eating while lounging on the floor.  A real ‘Shanti Shanti’ place.
  5. Zakaim – A Persian twist on vegan. Rated one of the best vegan cafes in Tel Aviv, Zakaim’s twist on herbs, nuts, veggies, and fruit hits the mark. The menu changes daily based on the available produce. The food is prepared in an open-aired kitchen right in front of the guests.

And if these mouthwatering places weren’t enough, there is also a yearly Vegan Festival in Sarona, a beautifully restored area in Tel Aviv, with tastings from the best cafes and restaurants in the country accompanied by live music and cooking workshops.  Such a fun experience to add to your internship’s semester in Tel Aviv

In summary, this Vegan-friendly country welcomes all: Full-time students, interning students, hipsters, tourists, English speakers, old, young and everyone in between. 


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