Saving Children’s Lives in Israel

My name is Molly Piccione and I am from Babylon, NY. I studied Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami and came on the Career Israel internship program shortly thereafter to spend time living and learning abroad before I go to medical school. I have two internships here in Tel Aviv.  The first is in Continue Reading »

Working with Autistic Children in Israel

My name is Michelle Fogelson and I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I graduated from University of Minnesota in December, and I will begin graduate school this coming September.  This window of time was the perfect time for me to spend time in Israel, and Career Israel was the perfect way for me to grow professionally Continue Reading »

Changing the Lives of Refugees in Israel

My name is Lilah Jaffee. I completed my BA in Religious Studies at the University of Western Ontario and my Master’s in International Affairs at CarletonUniversity. I was at a crossroads in my life; I had a great education but was still unsure of what direction to take my career. I discovered the Career Israel Continue Reading »

From Jewish Journal: An Office of Passionate People: My Internship Experience in Jerusalem

Life after college is a confusing time.  What are your options?  Work?  Graduate school?  Travel?  These were the questions I asked myself upon graduating from Colorado College with a B.A in Religion in May of 2010.  I decided to move back home and weigh my options.  My lifelong dream had always been to either spend Continue Reading »

A Very Social Internship

My name is Jodi Geller, and I graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia with a Bachelor of Business.  I decided to participate in the Career Israel internship program to discover how it really is to live in Israel.  After touring Israel numerous times, I felt that interning and working in Israel would Continue Reading »

Attempting to Reignite my Passion for Law in Israel

My name is Jill Farkas, I am 26 years old, and I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I earned my undergraduate degree from DePaul University and currently attend law school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After my first year of law school I decided to take a year off in order to “rediscover” my Continue Reading »

How to Afford the Best Five Months of Your Life

It’s often that our fabulous Career Israel Recruiters get the question: “How do I pay for these five months?”  Well, we’ve had over 1200 participants since 2007—so, we promise, it’s possible.  First of all, if you qualify for the $3,000 from Masa Israel Journey for the five-month program (and maybe even more in additional scholarships), then you’re paying $4,400–at most–for Continue Reading »

Exploring Jewish History at its Source

My name is Jennifer Morawetz; I am 26 years old and have been living and interning in Jerusalem for the past few months with Career Israel.  I came to Israel a year ago on Israel Experience’s Birthright and decided it wasn’t long enough, so in February I returned for a five month internship through Career Israel. I Continue Reading »

When a Year Off is a Year On

My name is Jamie Diamond.  I am originally from Atlanta, and I majored in Hebrew Jewish and Cultural Studies at the University of Michigan. I enrolled in Career Israel because I chose to take a year off before beginning medical school. This program gave me the opportunity to take a break while doing something productive. Continue Reading »

Making a Medical Impact throughout the Middle East

My name is Ilana Polster, and I am an incoming freshman studying International Relations at Princeton University. I graduated high school early and spent the second half of my senior year volunteering abroad in Morocco. I returned home when my three-month visa expired, but decided that I wanted to continue volunteering abroad before heading to Continue Reading »

Creating the Strategy for a National Magazine

My name is Farrel Brest and I studied at Macquarie University and at Adschool with UTS. I came to Israel because I had never been there before and wanted to explore my Jewish identity and roots. I decided to join Career Israel, and I interned at the Jerusalem Post where I wrote a social media marketing strategy. Continue Reading »

Getting Real-Life Application for my MBA in Israel

My name is Erica Susan Brooke Schwarz. I’m from Cherry Hill, New Jersey and recently graduated with an MBA from Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey. I came on Career Israel to get a feel for how it would be to live and work in Israel, and also to gain experience by doing an internship Continue Reading »