A Modern Day Epic | Alex Cohen on BOMAH.org

This article  was originally published on BOMAH. “I left Los Angeles for Israel on August 15th. Nothing about that Thursday morning seemed extraordinary. The sun shined down on the golden coast as it does every other day. Little did I know that this day was the beginning of a journey that I can only surmount Continue Reading »

8 Years of Yisrael | Victoria Kimerling

My name is Victoria Kimerling and I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Although not a large Jewish community, Birmingham has a strong, tight knit community that my family has been a part of for generations. I grew up going to a Conservative synagogue for Hebrew School, the High Holidays and my B’noat Mitzvah (which I Continue Reading »

Hollandaise to Hummus: Inside a Tel Aviv Kitchen with Nine American Chefs | Hannah Morrow, Delicious Israel

This article, co-authored by Hannah Morrow, intern at Delicious Israel, was originally published on The Huffington Post. “Dibs on prepping outside!” Chef Jonathon Sawyer called out upon entering Studio FeinCook — home base for the day. One look around the indoor/outdoor kitchen and the nature of Sawyer’s request was apparent. Fresh herbs lined the outdoor patio, Continue Reading »

6 Ways to Change Israel’s Image | Josh Donner, BOMAH

Josh Donner, currently interning with BOMAH had his article published on Aish.com! Check out the article below, or click here for the original. 6 Ways to Change Israel’s Image What happens when you type into the Google search query, “Does Israel”? As you can see, it’s not so pretty. Of course, it is no surprise to see Continue Reading »

Software and Biology | Chris Brockwell

From an early age we are taught to do several things to ensure that we have a fulfilling, successful future. We need to attend college, get good grades, and graduate with a degree— then we will be able to get a good job.  However, in the world that we live in today, employers are looking Continue Reading »

Learning and Living the Peace Movement | Erika Wohl

Over the years I have become more disheartened about the possibilities of making a substantial difference in the world, but my inspiration and optimism has risen from my experience working at Peace Now. Peace Now has only seven employees, and is the largest grassroots peace movement in Israel. The organization has done incredible work, particularly Continue Reading »

Good Day Everyday | Marcio Klepacz

Coming to Israel on Career Israel was not my first Israel program and I thought I could predict what it would be like. Going on tiyulim (trips) around Israel, meeting people from all over the world, eating hummus, etc… Except for one detail, now I was going to work in an Israeli company. That means Continue Reading »

How to Impact and Be Impacted – An Internship at Genome Compiler | Sam Shulman

All across North America, university students and graduates apply for dozens of internships with ambitions to boost future career opportunities. Upon accepting an offer, we dread that our experience will involve filling coffee cups and copying papers, hope that we will learn valuable skills, and plan to establish a few beneficial contacts. But, we always Continue Reading »

Tikkun Olam with Save a Child’s Heart | Leah Paz

A few months back when I was just starting the Career Israel process, I said that if I could intern with an organization like Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) then I would be unbelievably ecstatic. And here I am a month into my internship, and interning with Save a Child’s Heart is even more perfect Continue Reading »

How I Got to Wear Flip-flops to Work | Rebecca Lenkiewicz

What do I plan on doing with my life after my internship ends? The truth is, I have no clue! I didn’t know five years ago when I began college, wasn’t too sure when I applied for Career Israel, and even with a job Sunday through Thursday, it’s difficult to say where I see my Continue Reading »

The Wild World of Chaos Films | Andrew Klein

I laid in my room in the early days of summer, fresh off of college graduation and wondering what would come next. I wasn’t set on being conventional, I wanted to do something different with my life, something wild yet progressive toward the impending grown man job phase ahead of me. I always loved video Continue Reading »

What It’s Like to Work at the Biggest Advertising Agency in Israel | Ilana Blankfeld

In the beginning, I confess I was a little bit insecure. Leaving my job and my family to start an internship in Israel seemed like a dubious idea. I was 26 years old, had already started my career in Brazil, and I had a structured life. Although I really wanted to spend some time in Continue Reading »