Research Assistant at the Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration | Charlie Kogan

Charlie is a law student who participated in Career Israel in the summer of 2019. He interned at the Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM) as a research assistant. Throughout his internship, he was able to learn a lot about the refugee system in Israel while gaining valuable research experience. This internship allowed him […]

Designer at Peretz Architecture | Rachel Kaplan

Rachel is a university student and the University of Wisconsin-Stout studying interior design and business with goals of one day owning her own business. She completed an internship at Peretz Architecture as a Designer Intern with Career Israel in the summer of 2019. This internship gave her design skills and knowledge of specific software to […]

Aerospace Research Assistant at Tel Aviv University | Cannon Buechley

Cannon is seeking an aerospace engineering degree at the University of Tennessee and participated in Career Summer 2019. He interned at Tel Aviv University as an Aerospace Research intern. This internship gave Cannon valuable research experience for his future endeavors. As his first time traveling to a foreign country, his most memorable experience in Israel […]

Programming Intern at OnCourse | Alex Lehner

Alex is a university student from Canada who participated in Career Israel’s summer program in 2019. Before coming on the program, Alex was interested in learning more about the Israeli culture and experiencing it for himself. He was a Programming Intern at OnCourse, working directly with technology experts, helping set up different systems within their […]

Professional Baseball Player & Coach | Ryan Willen

Ryan Willen is a professional baseball coach and player on Career Israel this fall. After interning at the Israel Association of Baseball during the summer of 2017, Ryan returned this fall on Career Israel to coach the 14 and 16-year-old national teams at the Israel MLB Academy. In addition to coaching, Ryan is playing in the […]

From Deloitte Sabbatical to Promotion | Jill Comer

  Each participant’s path that leads him or her to Career Israel is different from the next. There was no one-size-fits-all path that guided us to this program but rather numerous, unique journeys that brought 41 participants from eight different countries together to form Career 24. My path formed from my desire to experience living […]

Adventure of a Lifetime | Jessie Sigler

As a participant on Career 24, I interned at Autodesk Tel Aviv where I worked in software quality assurance automation. As a computer engineer, I knew that the start-up nation of Israel would be a great place for me to intern and experience a new working environment. What I didn’t really realize before I left […]

Giving strength to the Israeli people | Blaire Cohen

  For as long as I can remember, Israel was a part of my life. I was painting the Israeli flag in preschool, singing “Am Yisrael Chai” with friends, and learning Israeli culture from Israeli counselors at summer camp. I had a deep rooted love for my Jewish heritage, culture and Israel. After four years […]

SodaStream My Heart | Abby Ortenberg

As a recent college graduate taking a year off from studying before going back to pursue a master’s degree without an interim job, I was lost. When I thought back to my Birthright-Taglit experience however, I remembered hearing about a 5-10 month program in Israel and started researching. My original plan was to get a […]

Came For The Felafel, Stayed For The Amazing Internship | Gabriella Orenstein

  Hi, I am Gabriella Orenstein I am 22 years old and I am from London. I grew up going on holidays to Israel and was always super sad to be leaving after one or two weeks. After University I decided it was time for me to experience living in Israel while gaining experience before […]

Tu B’Av (Israeli Valentines day) Spotlight! | Jovana and Nadav

On February 8th Jovana Kristic prepared herself to leave her parents and home in Belgrade, Serbia for a chance to start her career as an architect. That same time Nadav Schmalbach was preparing to move his suitcases once more from Miami, Florida to meet the group he would be spending the next five months with. […]

Alumni Spotlight | Oren Sharabi

Oren participated in Career Israel 17 – September 2014- February 2015 Initially I was contemplating internship programs in general, although not necessarily in Israel. A family friend was, at the time, half-way through the Masa Israel Teaching Fellows program and was really enjoying it. I decided to look into other programs and by searching based […]

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