Diving into Water Technology in Israel

My name is Abraham Rubin, I grew up in Sharon, MA, and I am a recent graduate of Muhlenberg College where I double majored in Business Administration and International Studies. I decided to apply to Career Israel because although it was not my area of studies, I recently became very interested in Water Technologies after a trip to Bangladesh. In a country that was made up of fresh water, there was barely any clean drinking water to be found. I wanted to get involved in water technologies and to learn the industry.  I wanted to gain some experience and learn how to apply ideas from industrial water technologies to solutions for third world countries. I also came on Career Israel in order to gain experience in the field of marketing and sales.

In Israel, the concept of an intern is a novel idea; companies don’t always know how an internship is structured which has turned out be a fantastic benefit.  I am currently interning at Whitewater Security in Tel Aviv, and I have been given much more responsibility at my internship at Whitewater’s Quality and Security division than I have at any of previous internships in America. I have been fortunate enough to be able to learn the water industry through reading periodicals and writing executive summaries for the top executives at Whitewater. I have learned how to analyze Whitewater’s website using Google Analytics, and have learned many business development skills. I have also been given major assignments researching water utilities in North America and around the world to identify potential clients.

Israel has always felt like home to me. I have a lot of family here including my two brothers and it was great that this program gives you structure and stability, while still giving you the freedom to explore Israel independently. I have also made great friends inside and outside of the program and will hopefully remain in touch with them in the years to come.