10 Activities You Can Do Before Heading to Work in Tel Aviv

Before heading to work each morning when you’re interning with Career Israel you can squeeze in an adrenaline-pumping activity for your mind, body, and soul to start your day in high gear and the right foot.  Tel Aviv has so much to offer early risers before clocking into work. Try one, or all, of the […]

Purim Celebrations in TLV

Get your Instagram account ready and bring out your most creative costume! Because in Tel Aviv everyone goes all out for Purim, one of the funniest holidays in Israel. It’s the holiday commemorating our Jewish heritage based on the biblical Book of Esther. It’s celebrated by everyone in Israel, young and old, religious and secular, […]

Spring in Tel Aviv

What the weather is like, what there is to do: aviv literally means spring in Hebrew 🙂   What the weather is like, what there is to do: aviv literally means spring in Hebrew 🙂 masa internships, israel summer programs     Surfing, outdoor dining, runs at the beach, picnics in the park. Spring in Tel […]

What exactly is an intern?

You are eyeing an internship in Israel, one where you receive international work experience, you’re exposed to a new culture, and still further your career. This is pretty much what you’ll get when you become an intern with Career Israel. An intern, with Career Israel, is a job for native English speakers in Israel, for […]


Happy International Women’s Day!

Our Career Israel participant, Julia Friedman, interns with WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organization). Here is a little bit about her experience as an intern with this amazing organization: “I have the privilege to work as a fundraising intern for World WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organization). Every day I am surrounded by passionate women who dedicate […]


Cybersecurity Startups in Israel- “The Startup Nation”

Israel is known as THE startup nation. It’s a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship and its companies range from technology to agriculture, to BioMed and fin-tech. One leading sector is cybersecurity, with over 450 companies operating in Israel today. This is about 5% of the global cybersecurity market. The industry started in the 80s when […]

Day Trips from Tel Aviv

When visiting Israel you have to experience Tel Aviv. This happening city has it all: culture, beaches, a culinary scene, and lots of events. It’s an exciting place but it’s a very small part of Israel. Israel is home to some of the most interesting historically rich places in the world. Its varied geography within […]

israel start up

Israel Innovation in Agriculture

Israelis are creative, innovative, and get things done. These are not just broad generalizations, this is the reason Israel is called the start-up nation. This is especially the case in agriculture. Israel’s agricultural industry is very developed. Israel is a big exporter of fresh produce and today is a global leader of agriculture technology. However, […]


Living on a Budget While on Career Israel

Coming to work in Israel with Career Israel is an adventure. You gain work experience, become familiarized with a new country and culture,  have the opportunity to travel and explore, and you are now doing it on your own and on your own budget. One aspect of doing it on your own means you have […]

Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter

You are ready to start looking for a job in Israel, you wrote the perfect customized resume for your internship in Israel. You included your work experience, your volunteer work, and where you studied. You’ve had a friend go over it and you are ready to send it to potential employers. But before you send […]


Israel as a Bilingual Country

Israel is a great location to live like a local if you are looking for a bilingual country where you can immerse yourself into a new language and still feel comfortable while being able to fall back to your native English tongue.  Most importantly, English as a language and you as a person with insight […]


New Years Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are exciting. The prospect of making changes, accomplishing goals, and advancing your personal and professional life. Now you can make realistic plans and act upon them, setting your sights on once-in-a-lifetime adventures is not far fetched anymore.    Before you sell all your belongings, put on a backpack to trek across the […]

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