10 things you should do on your first day of your internship

The first day of your internship in Israel is here. It’s one you will remember but more importantly, it will be the first day you will make a meaningful impression on your new peers.

You’ve attempted to perfect everything till now – your resume, your interview, and now it’s time to perfect your first day at work and live up to your new employer’s expectations.

Keep these in mind when preparing and going through your first day. 

  • Show up early: Try to arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can get settled calmly and have a few minutes to look around. Also, catch your breath. These few extra minutes will allow you to start your day focused.
  • Dress codes: Even before your first day, try to understand what the dress code is at work. For the most part, in Israel, the dress codes are usually a bit more relaxed than other global places of work. However, it depends if you are going into a technology company, a social organization, or a law firm. 
  • Ask questions: Yes, it’s ok to ask a lot of questions on your first day. No, your employer is not expecting you to dive in knowing everything. This demonstrates curiosity and desire to learn. You can prepare by writing them down ahead of time. Please keep in mind – one of your objectives on your first day is also to listen, so definitely ask questions but also keep your ears open to all the information that will be driven your way.
  • Introduce yourself: Don’t be shy and make sure people you meet get to know who you are and what your position is. 
  • Talk to peers: A great way to learn about your new surroundings is through invaluable insights you can get early on from the perspective of your peers. Establish a friendly approach to start on the right foot.
  • High energy: On your first day, people will observe you more than usual. Your mannerisms and attitude are more visible now before you are known for skills. People want to see and be around enthusiastic people. Show them who you are.
  • Understand your professional roles and rules: Your employer will probably prepare for you a description of your responsibilities. If not, you can politely ask – no one expects you to know this on your own. Listen and ask questions.
  • Cell phone: Put it away or on silent.
  • Smile: You know the saying ‘a smile goes a long way’? It’s true. It makes you more approachable and allows people to know you are more than just your title.
  • Be yourself: Don’t try to be someone you are not. You were hired because your employers saw a fit – not only a professional fit but a personal fit that works for the work environment. Try to feel comfortable, show your eagerness and excitement, and remember your new co-workers are happy to have someone else on board.


Your first day will be memorable. You are not alone. This is the case for others starting jobs for Americans in Israel. Take a deep breath and dive right in being yourself, smiling, and knowing you have a lot to offer your new place of work.

Good luck!