5 Reasons Why Career Israel is Perfect For You

Applying for a job in Israel is ambitious and very rewarding. The experience of working overseas is unique and allows you to step out of your comfort zone while having the time of your life. However, aside from the momentary fulfilling feelings you actually gain so much more – you will reap its rewards in the near and far future. This actually happens from only a few lines on your resume summarising your internship.

How does your internship help you stand out on your resume and what does this mean?

You build your resume step by step with each job and professional experience you gain over time. In the case of working in Israel through Career Israel you gain so much more than just a job title:

  • International work experience: Employers always seek that special ‘something’ to stand out in a resume. Luckily, not many people have the benefit of gaining their work experience overseas, especially in a country that is considered leading in various fields – technology, agriculture, culinary arts, and design. Your internship in Israel will give you a leg-up.
  • Working in a different culture: When working outside of your comfort zone or outside of your natural surroundings, you learn to adapt and you learn new social skills. This allows you to think differently, become more creative, and connect or work with more ease with the people around you. Your future employers know that when they see your recent Career Israel job on your resume.
  • Fast-pace environment: Israelis can be impatient, feel the need to always lead the way and do not let anything get in their way. Don’t get us wrong, this is an advantage. The work environment in Israel is fast and you have to catch up and keep up. Yes, it may have its faults but overall this is one of the reasons Israelis are bold to venture into startups and the fields of innovation. Israel’s fast pace keeps you on your toes and encourages you to drive yourself forward.
  • Although the primary language spoken in Israel is Hebrew, Israel is definitely a multi-language country. Almost all workplaces converse and do business in both English and Hebrew, a perfect place for jobs of Americans in Israel, and the people are most often bilingual. Working in a foreign country with multiple languages allows you to learn something new while still feeling comfortable.
  • Innovation and technology: Luckily you chose to work in a country that is the worldwide leader in innovation and one of the main players of cutting edge technology. Israel is well known for its contribution to modern-day products and services that are changing the world. Fortunately for you, the rest of the world knows this too. Working in Israel allows you to be part of a successful professional environment and those looking at your resume in the future will definitely be impressed.

There are a few more reasons why and how your work experience in Israel will help you in the future but these are the main reasons. And although you are looking ahead, while in Israel try to enjoy work, the country, and the memories you will make.