Spend a Day in Sarona Market

There’s a new neighborhood in Tel Aviv, actually semi-new. This is Sarona. It’s a mixture of culture, history, entertainment, and leisure. 

You will find here restaurants, festivals, film screenings, a music garden, and shops. But so far, our favorite is Sarona Market. This is an enclosed food market, similar to Barcelona’s La Boqueria and Chelsea Market in New York City. It’s home to over 35 eateries and over 90 businesses from small booths of spices and produces to larger sit-down restaurants from Israel’s finest chefs. With Career Israel, you will have time to head out and explore it.

 These are our recommendations for a fun day at Sarona Market: 

  • But first, Coffee: Start the day at Buna Cafe, a specialty coffee shop with drinks, tastings and of course take home stock of fine coffee as well as all coffee making accessories.
  • Let them eat Cake: La Farina is a bread and cake bakery where all products are made by hand fresh daily. Taste the bread, sit down for a piece of cake and of course stock up to take home
  • Say Cheese: Walk over to Basher, a well known Israeli cheese icon, a family run business. The finest local and international cheese. The scents and tastes in the store are to die for and yes, here too, don’t leave empty-handed.
  • Olive Oil: Olive oil is the new gold and Israel’s climate and land allow for massive production. The Store Olive People allows you to taste and explore the richness of this aromatic liquid and also, take a short break from food.
  • It’s that time: As we head towards lunchtime, let’s raise a glass before we sit down for a meal – Bira Bashook (Beer in the Market). Quality beers on tap create a fun experience of tasting, relaxing and getting happy of course.
  • Time for Lunch: Finally, you can sit down and eat. Really eat. Meat Bar Burger, where it’s all about the patty, the bun, and everything in between. The meat is of the highest grade, the setting is casual, and the people are welcoming and vibrant. 
  • Last but not least – Shopping: A day is not complete without shopping. Sarona Market is home to a bunch of stores specializing in kitchen utensils and accessories. We can’t promise this will make you a great cook but at least your kitchen will look the part.


Now there is really no excuse for you to skip out on this unique historical and culinary scene and experience as you enjoy your trip through Career Israel. Check it out here http://www.saronatlv.co.il/en/