Ten Business Trends for 2020

As we step into the new decade of 2020, aside from a promising and exciting future to look forward to, let’s look at the business trends that focus on career development and the influence it will have on business. 

Today business is global, it’s accelerating due to technology and community. Its impact is personal and professional and should be a major factor when deciding what career path you should take. 

Top business trends predicted by major business influencers:

  • Robots and machines are leading the way. These are taking over different tasks and thinking processes.
  • Computers are talking to one another and are speeding up business decisions and making the organizations flatter and the need for less management. Flatter organizations are faster and more efficient. 
  • The future is here with 3D printing. 3D printing has the potential to be life-changing, from 3D limb replacement to building construction. 
  • Today’s mobile apps are skyrocketing. Mobile apps are not only for gaming and listening to music, but they are also affecting and changing entire industries like transportation, health, mining, and agriculture. 
  • Reform and change of the financial industry. The app economy puts the control in our hands from online payments to insurance decisions. There is a battle between banks, credit card companies, cryptocurrencies, and software companies. This is a major move that is being evaluated now.
  • The entertainment industry is also in the process of change as viewers have more control and are the major decision-makers in content. Companies like Google, Netflix and Amazon as well as social media platforms are working on revolutionary tools based on consumer behavior. 
  • Social media is not new but what is new is the discussion around its effectiveness, in the long run, not just based on hype.
  • Newspapers are a thing of the past and will now really be weaned off. Social media and online content are so key that formal aggregators are becoming obsolete. 
  • Focus on cloud security as anxiety rises and threats are visible. Prices are decreasing and security measures are increases.

As we look at these trends, the future is looking great for job seekers and those interested to focus their careers on these new and developing frontiers. Luckily working in Israel, a leader in technology, business, and innovation is the perfect place to be, at the forefront of technology and innovation in Israel.