Cybersecurity Startups in Israel- “The Startup Nation”

Israel is known as THE startup nation. It’s a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship and its companies range from technology to agriculture, to BioMed and fin-tech. One leading sector is cybersecurity, with over 450 companies operating in Israel today. This is about 5% of the global cybersecurity market.

The industry started in the 80s when several local companies developed anti-virus software, such as Check Point, Radware, and Imperva.

These are a few of the Israeli cybersecurity startups:

  • Salt Security: Salt Security’s API’s protection platform is the first patented solution to prevent the next generation of API attacks through behavioral protection. The company was founded in 2016 by a team of Israeli’s from the Israeli Defense Forces and seasoned players in the cybersecurity field. 
  • Protego: Founded in 2017 and already with multiple awards under its belt- 2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for Best Startup and in 2018 an Innovator Award for SC Magazine. Its SaaS solution helps organizations embrace serverless technology securely. 
  • Silverfort: Corporate networks oversea countless devices and services, all connected to each other and an abundance of users needing authentication before accessing sensitive data. Silverfort provides strong authentication across these networks without software or local configurations. This is done seamlessly while preventing data breaches.
  • Intezer: Intezer’s technology identifies code reuse to detect advanced cyber threats, called Genetic Malware Analysis. It can classify malicious files to its relevant malware family as it provides information about the threat in seconds. Today, Fortune 500 companies utilize Intezer’s malware analysis, improving their security operations and responses. The company was named the 2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Award winner and Cyber Defense Magazine Infosec 2019 Award for Cutting Edge Malware Analysis.
  • XM Cyber: Founded by executives from the Israeli cyber intelligence arena, today XM Cyber has offices across the US, UK, Australia, and Israel of course. The company’s innovative platform identifies attack vectors and prioritizes remediations with an award-winning breach attack simulation. 
  • Sixgill: Sixgill was awarded Top 10 Most Innovative and Promising Companies of the World at the UNESCO Paris conference as well as being named the Top 5 Most Innovative Companies at CyberTech Tel Aviv. Founded in 2014, it provides cyber threat intelligence solutions based on access to deep and dark web sources. Its clients included Fortune 500 companies, law enforcement agencies, and financial institutions. 

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