Israel Innovation in Agriculture

Israelis are creative, innovative, and get things done. These are not just broad generalizations, this is the reason Israel is called the start-up nation. This is especially the case in agriculture.

Israel’s agricultural industry is very developed. Israel is a big exporter of fresh produce and today is a global leader of agriculture technology. However, over half of Israel’s landscape is desert with less than 200 mm of rain a year and only a few sources of natural water crops can not exist without artificial irrigation systems.  

Israel’s triumph in growing crops and raising livestock is due to its success in creating efficient products and systems to bypass the harsh weather and land conditions. 

During your internship with Career Israel you have the opportunity to explore and learn about the agricultural industry and how it became successful in the desert.  

A few companies creating innovation in agriculture:

  • Drip irrigation existed before, but it was modernized in the 1960s to make water usage more efficient throughout the desert topography and later around the world. Its innovation is constantly evolving and today it is not just tubing to allow water to flow through minute holes, but also digital prediction tools and state of the art technology to establish a precise root delivery system. This is a very interesting agricultural innovation that is exported to many countries and continents – African countries have picked up on this technology and are able to feed larger amounts of people they were not able to in the past. 
  • GrainPro Cocoons is an Israeli-designed method to keep grain fresh without being ruined by pests or mold. This innovation is crucial for low-income countries. Huge bags keep water and air out and are used in over 100 countries today. 
  • Award-winning Amaizz offers protected electric or solar modular drying and storage units for grains such as corn, subject to fungus, destruction by insects, and other animals. The company’s storage units cut down grain damage and the labor associated with it.
  • Today one of the crucial areas in agriculture is data collection and its analysis for more efficient and productive farming. Taranis is a company that analyzes aerial imaging to show farmers what is happening in their plots. Similarly, Croptimal tests plant tissue, soil, and water to allow for immediate response if there is a problem. This may not be hi-tech but its innovation utilizes a plastic tray to collect dew from the air and hence reducing the amount of water needed for crops. Dew forms when overnight temperatures change and accumulates on recyclable plastic trays. This is called the Tal Ya tray.

 These companies are forging the way and changing the world. Although an Israel summer program with Career Israel is a short experience you can still dive in to learn how Israeli innovation is making a difference in the world and how it can give you a new perspective and understanding how innovative ideas can be used in the real world in order to solve real problems of hunger.