ILL Martello International Coaching

Job Description

Current internship will include:

-Corporate fitness in israel research

-Work with me to develop B2B and B2C guidelines

-Aid in cultivating B2B relationships

-Develop ways to give more content, connection, and meaning for clients

-Design, Develop, & Delineate content for the website and social media

-After learning about ILL Martello the intern will be expected to come up with ideas that are new, innovative, and fun, that allow for a more meaningful experience for those with whom M.I.C. does business with, and for.

-Bring new ideas and approaches

-Share your thoughts and viewpoints

-Challenge the norm

-Interns are responsible for coming up with a project that they can complete in their time here, that will serve as a strong example of their own personal skills and expertise, which will give them a solid baseline for their professional portfolio.

-Intern may be required to ride a bike, help run sport-specific sessions with athletes, and help with strength training session and/or bike fitting sessions.

Helping to network with new clients and communities.
Teaching to do public speaking.

Could also be relevant for nutrition.

Help promote cycling, triathalon, and running in Israel
Manage the MIC website -social media etc.
The intern would also be responsible for being on the scene and showing the user experience immediately onto the site including getting quotes etc.
Design develop and implement engaging programs and opportunities for current and prospective clients.

About ILL Martello International Coaching

ILL Martello International Coaching is a new program in Israel.

Focused on bringing the best knowledge from the US and the worlds best Coaches, ILL Martello offers Israeli Cyclists, Triathletes, and Runners the best coaching possible, to prevent injuries, and increase abilities.

Martello International Coaching also provides english Motivational Lectures and Corporate Fitness Consulting for groups, and companies looking to attain the best performance from their staff.

He’s a USA Cycling Level 1 (Elite) coach-fewer than 300 in the world.
NSCA-CSCS Professional Strength Coach
Certified Bike Fitter
Over 10 years of coaching experience and over 20 athletes who have qualified and competed for their chosen sport’s national championship (USA)

Work with athletes from a variety of backgrounds up to professionals (doctors lawyers etc who are looking to be and stay healthy-not competitive) Use training and strength training to improve quality of life. More about process than angle.

Real mentorship and learning opportunities.

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