Job Description

At Hebrew University’s young and dynamic atmosphere under the direct supervision of IMPACT-se chief operation officer at the communications / external relations coordinator will be an integral part of IMPACT’s operations team building the Institute’s communications strategy and international network of NGO’s, think tanks, journalists, policy makers, diplomats and more.

Position will include:

  1. Assisting in the planning and development of IMPACT-se communications strategy.
  2. Assisting in researching and analyzing major research for distribution to journalists, policymakers and the public.
  3. Managing and expanding IMPACT-se social media accounts
  4. Assisting in identifying relevant partner organizations in the peace education/Co-existence sphere.

About IMPACT-se

The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) is a pioneer research, policy and advocacy institute that monitors and analyses schoolbooks and curricula across the world since 1998 using unique methodologies to determine compliance with UNESCO-defined standards on peace and tolerance. IMPACT-se is a registered non-profit that works to prevent youth radicalization and proactively promotes peace education to set a climate of tolerance and mutual respect between peoples by stimulating school curricula around the world to fit objective international peace education standards. As pioneer in the field of textbook analysis,IMPACT-se has been assessing curricula for almost 20 years and presents a clear picture of how different nations educate their children in relation to religion, societies, cultures, democratic values and the “other.” It is dedicated to peacemaking between peoples and nations by encouraging acceptance of the other and rejection of violent conflict. The institute issues comprehensive reports assessing curricula which are submitted and presented to policymakers, the media, civil society, think tanks, etc., and are instrumental not only in raising awareness but also in stimulating demand for concrete measures and bring positive change.

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