Hip Hope

Job Description

  1. Different parts of the device are mechanical parts (aluminum or Plastic) which are produced at suppliers. The intern will help in mechanical conception and production supervision. Tasks:
    • Checking and building mechanical drawings
    • Supervision of production line (travel to production site may be required)
    • Organize and manage manufacturing file
  2. Different parts of the device are mechanical parts (aluminum or Plastic) which must be tested before transfer to production. The intern will lead different mechanical tests. Roles:
    • Building verification tests (behavior test of plastic parts, tests of the different mechanical parts…)
    • Fall modeling
    • Automation production methods (if the personal profile is suitable)

About Hip Hope

Hip-Hope Technologies develops, designs, and markets the Hip-Hope™, an innovative active hip protector device designed as an esthetic belt, worn conveniently around the user’s waist, over the clothing. An advanced fall detection system, comprising a unique set of sensors and detection logic, activates two fast deploying airbags, once an impending collision with ground surface is detected. The airbags radically attenuate fall impact and minimize the likelihood of hip fractures. The device provides additional functionality, such as: Remote fall alert notification, ongoing motion and activity data logging, built-in emergency-distress button and location based services.

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