Trail Mark Partners

Job Description

● Conducting market and industry research
● Qualifying investment opportunities and providing a weekly sourced deal flow
● Interfacing with brokers, investment bankers and target company management teams
● Analyzing financials and valuations
● Conducting company-specific due diligence and analysis
● Maintaining deal flow databases and overviews

About Trail Mark Partners

Trail Mark Partners is a funded Search Fund, the first in Israel, with the purpose of acquiring an existing company and managing it for the long run.

Based in Tel Aviv, Trail Mark Partners is an entrepreneurial private equity following the Search Fund model. We are focused on acquiring and actively managing an established company of up to an EV of $30m. The firm is backed by a unique group of investors comprised of seasoned business operators, successful entrepreneurs and private equity professionals with deep experience in evaluating, financing and growing medium-sized companies. Trail Mark Partners is led by an executive with a background in investment banking and growing Israeli businesses globally (

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