Mashu-Mashu Social Theater Troupe

Job Description

There are productions every month in the summer. During the internship, the intern will assist in the production of two of these performances. As Mashu-Mashu is a social theater group that aims to empower the community through theater and give different underprivileged groups a platform from which to express themselves, there is a strong community development aspect to the internship. The group was established in Kiryat Yovel as it is an especially divided city (mainly due to the differences between the secular and religious inhabitants). The intern will help produce various projects that will engage the community in a dialogue about coexistence. If the intern speaks Hebrew or Arabic they can get involved in some of the weekly groups that the theater runs – for example, voice lessons for Ethiopian girls, groups for teens at risk, the women’s group (for secular and religious women).

About Mashu-Mashu Social Theater Troupe

mashu mashu

Mashu-Mashu is a professional theater ensemble that works with, within and under the inspiration of the community it calls home. We aim to chip away at the barriers that separate residents of that community, the same barriers that fragment all of Israeli society. When we merged from our various fields of interest in 2009, we set out to create social theater — comical, physical, and brimming with life—theater that takes on the complex social issues of the day.

Consistent with its social orientation, Mashu-Mashu has been operating since its establishment in Jerusalem’s Kiryat Yovel neighborhood. A portion of our income is channeled into artistic activities designed to empower neighborhood residents.

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